Do you have some tin you would like to sell?

TinHouse Designs is always looking for tin of all shapes, sizes and designs. We are also interested in any stories you may have behind the tin. We will pay between $5 and $10 for an average size sheet that is in reasonable condition. We are not worried about paint, rust or dirt. However, we need the sheets to be without large holes or gashes.

We are looking for interesting designs, and particularly any design that can be used for smaller pictures or artwork. We would like to look at the tin and its design before agreeing to purchase the tin. If you have some tin you are interested in selling please email us some pictures.

A note on safe handling

We do have a word of advice on safe handling when working with painted tin. Should you decide to remove any paint on your own we have found that a lot of the paint used on the tin was lead-based, so please take precautions to not breath it in during the removal process.

We would love to hear from you

Please contact us by email or by phone at (204) 773-2291, if you have some tin you think we might be interested in.